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Hello, it is great to meet you all especially single parents, moms. 

As a mom, raising three children on my own, while working in the banking sector and studying for my MBA created situations that always seemed to need solutions. Even before studies, my life was challenging made more so when I added studying to my agenda.

During that time, I had to come up with creative ways to maintain my family and accomplish all the goals I set for myself, which is how I am sure most people got started in what has become success stories told throughout history. I was and am a superwoman, I needed to be, and I want to share with you, how I did it. I wanted to study for an MBA in Business Administration, I simply made a list and that was first on my list, I also wrote about teaching and sharing my knowledge to help single parents like myself.

Becoming a strategist was spoken into my life by a prominent and wise business owner which again was an indication that I needed to do more with the skills and talents I have. It was a great recommendation, that required time and commitment. Somehow, I felt that the timing was not right, or I was procrastinating, I just kept putting it off. Then came Covid 19 which provided the perfect opportunity with so many persons unemployed and in need of finances, new skill sets and solutions. As a single parent, I understood the plight that they were going through. I got to work immediately. it was my opportunity It was my time. I created My Strategic Vault now renamed Strategery Guru, and the rest is history. I knew my what and my why. I did not know my how. But it’s done and I will share with you how. I have more projects on my list that am yet to achieve. Again, I know why and why but not how. Not yet, but it will come together.

Off course there were challenges , I did not get the financial help to support my studies as promised, my home was vandalized, my daughter and I robbed at gun point in a supermarket, I discovered one lump and subsequently diagnosed with four additional lumps. Waiting on the results of those tests were very scary at the time. Everything was all happening at the same time, and it was incredibly difficult. Thanks to God, the results were negative. All this was happening while working, I kept studying , and taking care of my family. Not to mention medical bills.

However, I was determined, creative, I did the hard work, learnt new habits, was discipline, fought for, and improved my health, sought help when I needed help and achieved my goal which was just to complete my MBA. Importantly, Help showed up when I needed it the most. For every challenge I faced, a solution was presented. I could not have made it except for the God I believed in, my children, a few great friends, batch mates, colleagues, and Nations University that supported me through all my challenges. Solutions or opportunities presented themselves and every issue I had was resolved.

I became Fully MBA certified in 2016 and has coached, and mentor friends, colleagues, and new business owners to much success since. What set Strategery Guru apart from the rest, is my ability to apply a cultural approach, creativity, financial knowledge, customer retention strategies, development both personal and career, and customize my programs and services to address customers’ needs. I target customers who do not qualify for grants and who have not completed secondary education. Further, I also conduct one on one sessions and am available for follow up sessions afterwards. I am willing to be a mentor and guide throughout the process and provide support until goals are achieved.

No matter how unique or challenging the situation is, I can be counted on to find the best solution . I bring with me over 35 years of banking knowledge and experience, operational gap analysis, personal development tricks, and cultural competencies which when applied strategically will only yield success. My fellow women folk who are looking to develop themselves or businesses, should consider Strategery Guru programs . Browse through programs on my Home, page and get in touch today. Discover what Strategery Guru has for you.

My Story now has progress to episode 2, now I am pursuing my DBA. Stay tune.

Sonia McCurdy

MBA Business Administration

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